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297 U.S. 287
Lafayette, CO, 80026
United States



Our Brewery

Liquid Mechanics was founded by three friends and former biotech/pharmaceutical professionals. They grew tired of the corporate world and decided it was time to strike out on their own, using the skills and standards for quality they developed over the years. They hope to show you that dedication in each sip of beer.

Brewery System

We brew beer that we are proud of on a 10bbl (310 gallon) brewhouse from Diversified Metal Engineering.  We have four 10bbl fermenters, four 20bbl fermenters, six 10bbl bright tanks, one 20bbl bright tank, and a ton of kegs... 

We aren't tied to any specific type of beer specialty.  But we focus on hoppy beers, dark beers, barrel aged beers, and German beers.


Seth Townsend
Chief Yeast Manipulator

Seth Townsend had been home brewing for 18 years. With many national and local home brewing competition awards to his name (most of them gold or best of show), he is the man to talk to about beer.  In his years since becoming a professional brewer Seth has brought home 37 medals to Liquid Mechanics ranging from the Great American Beer Festival to the Colorado State Fair. Seth brings a passion for beer to a new level. He wakes up thinking about beer, and goes to sleep thinking about beer.  Seth is our head brewer. Seth has an undergraduate degree in Biology with an emphasis in Biochemistry, and a graduate degree in awesomeness. When not at the brewery, you might bump into Seth exploring the fantastic Colorado single track on his soft tail 29er or hiking with his wife and two young boys. If you are a bank, Seth is our President.


Eric Briggs
Door-to-door Alesman

If you want a guy who can get $%&# done, Eric is your man. This Co-Founder knows how to work beer evangelism. He helped start up two of the largest biotechnology facilities in the world in his corporate life.  Since then, he has been an advocate for great tasting beer and is our company’s lead sales guru. In his down time, he uses use his biotechnology manufacturing expertise to help the brewery become more efficient, well-run, and quality minded. Eric has an undergraduate degree in Microbiology and an Interdisciplinary study in Biotechnology. Outside of the brewery, your kids might be on one of Eric’s Eldora ski teams or you might catch him out fishing with his wife, daughter and son.  If you are a bank, Eric is our Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Davin Helden
Captain of the Ship

In 2012 Davin finished the Liquid Mechanics business plan and financial model that eventually brought the company to life. Coming from a biotechnology manufacturing background, Davin gets excited tinkering with tanks, piping, and valves when he isn't glued to a computer screen. Davin oversees the tasting room management, accounting, finance, HR, and business development actions of the company. Davin has an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry, with a minor in Chemistry. He also has an M.B.A from the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business graduating first in class and Beta Gamma Sigma. When not neck deep in paperwork, you can catch Davin at a motorcycle rally, trying on a new six shooter holster, or spending quality time with his wife, daughter, and son. If you are a bank, Davin is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).


We pour every ounce of our energy into providing great tasting beer, a cool and welcoming tasting room, and wonderful service.


We care about fantastic beer, our community, philanthropy, and making lifelong friends.  At our core, we are "down home" good old boys with a splash of sophistication.  We are hard working, humble, nostalgic, and strive to provide our fellow beer drinkers with an unforgettable experience.

We approach brewing as an organic relationship between the beer we make and the people who drink it.  Our beer is nothing without you...